Be Hair Free Next Summer by Starting Your Laser Hair Removal Treatments This Fall

Dealing with hair can be challenging. For most people, daily shaving is the best remedy. Those brave enough to bare the pain explore tweezing and waxing. Fortunately, there is another alternative with less pain and better results. Laser hair removal uses a pulse of intense concentrated light to target hair follicles. This procedure is completely safe and will keep the hair at bay for weeks....

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Transitioning Your Skin Care Routine From Summer to Fall

Healthy skin is the foundation of any beauty routine for all modern women. As the seasons change, so should your personal beauty routine. Transitioning from summer to fall is particularly important. This is when you need to pay close attention to the changing of the season from heat of summer to cold fall mornings. Now is the time to gear up for the upcoming weather. You want to make sure your...

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Dermamelan Treatment in Toronto

Dermamelan is a program that is intended to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation. Working to decrease and fully inhibit the activity of the enzyme tyrosinase, which plays a crucial role in the melanin formation that causes pigmented blemishes, Dermamelan treatment in Toronto at Nulook Medspa begins with being well hydrated and avoiding sun exposure for two weeks prior to the program. In the...

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