Dermamelan and Complexion Rejuvenation

Dermamelan is the name of a contemporary treatment that can aid individuals who have pigmentation woes. If you gaze at your complexion and feel dissatisfaction that involves pigmentation matters, then you may be someone who should take the time to learn all you can about the world of Dermamelan. Dermamelan can assist people who have issues with lasting pigmentation and melasma. Melasma is...

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4 Vitamins Essential for Healthy Skin

At Nulook Medspa in Toronto, we understand that skin care doesn’t end at the spa. A healthy diet is important for healthy skin. Nutritional deficiency tends to increase as we age, causing our skin to lose collagen, elasticity, and brightness. Eating vitamin-rich foods is a natural way to supplement your skin care routine, leading to more youthful looking skin and overall better skin...

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Facials: What to do Before And After

Your Upcoming Facial and Preparation Methods Do you have a facial on your calendar? If you do, then you should pay attention to any and all tips that may help you get ready for it. If you want to prepare for your facial well, then you should steer clear of the exfoliation process for several days. It can also be prudent to refrain from getting a tan leading up to your appointment. A sunburn...

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