Does Preventative Botox Work?

Preventing the look of deep lines and wrinkles becomes harder as we all get older. Many turn to more invasive procedures such as surgery to help reverse the look of aging. Fortunately, there are options to prevent the look of lines before surgery is needed. Younger people have been turning to the use of preventative botox to reduce the need for facelifts and invasive procedures as they age.Botox...

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How Sweating Affects Your Skin

On a hot summer day you can feel the sweat beads rolling down your face. Sweating is natural, and happens for many beneficial reasons. But sometimes, sweat can also negatively impact your skin. Today we’ll be discussing how sweating affects your skin.The Positives Of SweatingDuring the processes of sweating your body releases toxins from the body. When your skin sweats it purges any impurities,...

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Jaw Contouring with Injectables

Jaw contouring is a cosmetic secret that many people don't know is possible. Contouring with injectables in Toronto is a lesser known treatment that helps patients with cosmetic and medical conditions. The first step is to learn more about this solution.What is Jaw Contouring with Injectables?Nonsurgical jawline contouring is the use of dermal fillers to increase the size and shape of the jaw....

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