Dysport Cosmetic

Dysport Cosmetic is a prescription drug that requires a medical consultation. Dysport is a brand of botulinum toxin type A that is used to treat wrinkles and facial lines by temporarily paralyzing the muscles responsible for causing them. Dysport injections are administered by healthcare professionals and require a prescription.Before receiving Dysport injections, patients should have a...

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BOTOX®for hyperhidrosis / excessive sweating.

Yes, BOTOX® is an effective treatment for hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating. When injected into the affected area, BOTOX® blocks the signals that stimulate sweat glands, which reduces the amount of sweat produced in that area. This treatment is particularly effective for treating excessive sweating in the underarms, hands, and feet.BOTOX® treatment for hyperhidrosis typically involves...

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Kenalog Injections

Kenalog injections are a type of steroid medication used to treat inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, asthma, allergies, and skin conditions. They are also used to reduce swelling and help relieve pain. Kenalog injections are a form of corticosteroid medication, which means they are used to reduce inflammation. They are typically injected directly into the affected area, such as a joint,...

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