Fall Skin Care Tips

Summer may mean sun-kissed skin, now that Fall has arrived, the change in weather may affect your skin and you may even have to alter your skincare routine to make sure it stays effective through the colder months, maintaining hydration, health and appearance.The first part of your Fall skin care routine should prevent damage from the environment, particularly the sun. However, sunscreen can only...

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First Time Botox and What to Expect

By offering botox in Toronto, our medical spa is committed to an impressive, non-surgical treatment for restoring natural beauty in aging skin. Botox allows facial lines and wrinkles to be lessened with a simple injectable treatment. It works by temporarily relaxing the injected muscle, causing the wrinkles and fine lines to soften. Since aging is more than skin deep, botox targets the underlying...

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Grow Out Your Lashes With Latisse

For those who love the bold look of dramatic lashes, finding ways to get them looking long and voluminous can be a frustrating experience. Mascara flakes away and clumps up creating a look that is anything but natural, and fake eyelash extensions can damage the natural beauty of your eyelashes by pulling them out during removal and making them increasingly thin over time. If you have thin or pale...

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