Is Laser Hair Removal Worth It?

Think of how much time you could save if you could permanently remove unwanted hair with a simple procedure. Laser hair removal can permanently remove hair from anywhere - your face, arms, underarms, legs, or bikini area with only a few convenient treatments that are offered at Nulook med spa located in Toronto.What is Laser Hair Removal?Laser hair removal is a simple procedure that utilizes a...

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What to Expect from a Chemical Peel?

The chemical peel remains a popular skin care treatment designed to improve your complexion and make skin texture smoother. The experts at Nulook MedSpa apply an acid solution to the face and/or neck to provide excellent exfoliation in removing dead skin cells and debris from the pores. Your skilled aesthetic technician in Toronto can determine the right peel for your skin. A series of chemical...

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What's My Skin Type?

Normal Skin People with normal skin types usually meet a specific criteria: few blemishes or breakouts, lessened pore visibility, and overall generally balanced skin hydration. In most cases, skin does not feel dry or greasy. Gentle daily exfoliation followed up with gel-like moisturizers will lower the chances of breakouts in the T-zone and cheeks. It is important to start out with a small...

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