Vampire Facial

With age comes wisdom. Adages such as this remind us that getting older is not always a bad thing. However, unfortunately, for many people aging represents the loss of beauty. While that may have been the case a few short decades ago, the advent of modern medicine is beginning to upend that old cliche. Aging does not have to mean that beauty needs to be compromised. In fact, the experts at Nulook...

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Jane Iredale the Queen of Mineral Makeup

Jean Iredale can be confidently noted as the queen of mineral makeup. When considering a skin care and beauty routine, you want the best for your skin. Jane understands that minerals will promote healthy beautiful skin. One of the first major considerations in beautiful facial care is to make certain the product you choose is hypoallergenic. Why is the hypoallergenic label so important? Because...

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The Skin of Youth

The idea of treating one's face like a piece of meat, slicing and cutting away, is always terrifying. Once one shows signs of aging, women know that they want to look like the young and beautiful woman they are inside, but did not know how to achieve this without some dramatic and invasive procedure. The dream is a non-invasive technique where all the tell-tale signs of aging, wrinkles, dryness,...

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