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Five Reasons to Get an IPL or Laser Genesis Facial

Do you want to get a treatment to help rejuvenate your skin, but you are afraid of possible side effects, excessive amounts of downtime, and pain? You should then consider getting an IPL Facial or Laser Genesis treatment at NuLook Medical Spa in Toronto.You may be wondering what these procedures are. Both treatments are facials where lasers are used to penetrate beneath the skin in order to...

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A Close Look at Belkyra

Belkyra is the name of a comparatively new procedure that revolves around doing away with pesky fat that is below the chin, by the neck or even by the jaw. People who have a "double chin" are often big fans of Belkyra due to the amazing results.The Advantages of Getting Belkyra in TorontoBelkyra can help the self-esteem levels of individuals who feel self-conscious and embarrassed by stubborn fat...

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Five Myths About Botox

Practitioners have been safely using Botox injections to treat signs of facial aging for decades now. However, that does not stop certain myths from proliferating about this popular injectable treatment. If you are considering undergoing Botox injection, you will need some factual information to help guide your decision.Myth #1: Botox contains a dangerous toxinBotox is created in a laboratory...

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