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Botox cosmetic

I was recently treated by Dr. Mohan for various things that bothered me regarding my appearance. I had somewhat given up with trying so hard to feel good about myself and actually started wearing glasses even, to distract from some of the problem areas.

Dr.Mohan and a wonderful representative from Allergan, carefully looked at my whole facial structure and were able to determine which filler and how and where the placement should be, to address multiple problems.

I was especially relieved at how they made me feel as I have poor self-esteem, but they made me feel so at ease and comfortable. (Particularly when I have no-makeup on).

I have had problems with acne scarring all my life as well as problems with my eye area, (due to past health issues) which has made me very self-conscience all my adult life.

I really was not going to do anything regarding my lips as that was the one thing that I had no problems with, but they felt it would help balance my face out, particularly my eyes.

WOW, they were so right!!!

I have had many people who know me well ask me if I did something to make my eyes less prominent...and I am so thrilled as this is the first time in my life that I am not so self- conscience about them. (I used to avoid having photos taken because of this).

I feel such confidence now and no longer wear the glasses to disguise them!

The way they did the lip filler looks so natural and yet makes such a difference, I never thought I would find a solution to this problem!

They also put a filler in the cheek area which has given my face more symmetry and helps the acne scarring as it fills the area out.

I am so grateful that I had these things done I cannot even express how it has changed my confidence level...I am even wearing less makeup as I don't feel the need to hide behind it anymore.

I cringe when I see the before picture...but even the after picture ( which for once, I don't mind ) doesn't do it justice.....I can tell, because of the reactions I am getting from friends as well as strangers.

I want to thank Dr. Mohan for his kindness with how he made me feel, and his incredible skills with the use of fillers, which make the face look natural and yet more aesthetically pleasing.

Thanks, for giving me renewed confidence in myself again!

~ Barb P

Botox therapeutic


Dermal fillers

Laser hair removal

I would like to everyone to know that the service provided by Dr. Mohan and his staff are second to none. The professionalism and service offered are first class. The outcome of my laser treatment has been spectacular.

I had stopped going out in public and was ashamed by the hair growth that happened to me in my early thirties. I didn't know where to turn. After much research, I found Dr. Mohan!!! I didn't know what to expect. I've completed eight sessions and it's unbelievable! My family is astonished. I now go everywhere with much more confidence.

Thank you Dr. Mohan and staff, I am smiling once again!!

~ Wendy R

I had lots of hair under my chin. I was embarrassed, it was looking like a man's beard. I had bumps and my skin was looking rough. Since I have done Laser, my skin is smooth and no hair. I'm very happy with the treatment.

~ Lollmohamud Bibi

Laser vein treatment

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Laser genesis

I would like to thank Dr. Mohan and his Medical Aesthetician Mrs. Kanthi Kavikondala for the great service they have provided me with my laser treatments I have received. I'm very pleased with the results, I would highly recommend them to anyone. Regards

~ Enzo Corelli

Fraxel Restore

Upon visiting Dr. Mohan's clinic I found his staff friendly and most qualified! As for Dr. Mohan, he is a true professional who takes great pride in his work!

~ Nancy Moon

Fraxel Repair

Fraxel 1927


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Medical peels

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Acne treatment

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Medical procedures

I came to Nulook Medspa after a year of ineffective treatments at another laser clinic. Under Dr. Mohan's medical supervision, Kanthi's meticulous care and Nulook's state of the art laser's, I have seen dramatic results in a very short length of time; I am really pleased with my "Nulook". I just wish I'd come to Nulook Medspa in the first place.

~ Neha Bhupal

Just a note to let you know that I was really pleased with the results of the laser treatment I had at your facility. As you know, I have been plagued with skin tags and moles for quite awhile and I am so pleased to find an easier, faster, less invasive treatment. I will definitely be back for more!

~ Otto Legrady

Dr. Mohan

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