Soft Lift™

Soft Lift™ is a treatment that combines injectables that address multiple signs of aging.

Aging is a natural process in which cells begin to renew themselves more slowly. For your skin this means less collagen and hyaluronic acid to support and fill out the layers of skin. Environmental effects of pollution, sun exposure, stress and smoking can all increase this effect. Over time, this combination of factors contributes to the three D's of aging - deterioration with fine lines, wrinkles and texture change, descent i.e. droopiness or sagging skin, and/or deflation with loss of fullness or volume.

Soft Lift™ Benefits

This treatment combines different injectables to restore a natural and youthful appearance.

  • overall refreshed look that is subtle and natural looking
  • restores lost fullness, volume and enhances facial contours all in one session
  • balanced refreshed look that is totally you

What to Expect?

Whether it's a beauty or fashion makeover, we all know that it's the total look that counts. How everything works together is just as important as the individual pieces. When injectables are used together, the effect is balanced, subtle and entirely natural looking.