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Top Benefits of Dysport

As we age, our skin tends to show the years a bit faster than most of us would like. Fortunately, we have little help on our side in the form of Dysport. This common cosmetic injection is used by beauty professionals all over the world to make facial lines less noticeable and slow down the formation of new ones. To be more specific, Dysport is a type A Botulinum Toxin which is commonly used to...

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Grow Longer and Thicker Lashes with Latisse in Toronto

What is Latisse?Latisse (bimatoprost ophthalmic solution) is a product to improve the quality of your lashes. It is the only prescription treatment approved in Canada to treat inadequate eyelashes. Latisse can help give you genuinely longer and thicker eyelashes, as opposed to over the counter products such as creams or mascaras that only mask the problem. Visit Nulook Medpsa, in Toronto, to...

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Juvederm Volite: An Anti-Aging Injectable Treatment

Loss of facial volume is a key component of aging skin. Dermal fillers have been safely used for years to treat this issue. Until now, they were primarily gels injected into the skin, but a new injectable has revolutionized the skincare world. Juvederm Volite is the first moisturizing injectable that treats the skin while smoothing fine lines.What is Juvederm Volite?This dermal filler is in a...

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