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Signs of Sun Damaged Skin

The sunshine can either be a friend or foe, depending on the amount of exposure. Maximum time spent in the sun, however, isn't exactly the beauty regimen of choice when wanting to minimize the effects of aging and possible skin cancer. Sun-damaged skin is a true threat to anyone living in the northern hemisphere, especially knowing there are preventative measures and the availability of a sun...

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Best Skin Care Treatments for the Summer

Summer, the season of glowing complexion, warm rays, and plenty of vitamin D. Though you want to spend all summer long outdoors in the sun rays, it is important to remember that your skin requires year long protection and care to be healthy for the years to come. Here are some of our top skin care treatment recommendations for the summer!BotoxWith the sun blazing all day, it can be hard not to...

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5 Tips for Healthy Summer Skin

The destruction of the ozone layer has led to an increase in incidences of skin infection. Destruction of the ozone layer allows harmful ultraviolet rays to reach humans, causing skin infections. Besides, global warming has increased the amount of harmful radiation reflected from the earth's surface, contributing to increased skin diseases. Destruction of skin exhibits in the form of tanning,...

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