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Grow Out Your Lashes With Latisse

For those who love the bold look of dramatic lashes, finding ways to get them looking long and voluminous can be a frustrating experience. Mascara flakes away and clumps up creating a look that is anything but natural, and fake eyelash extensions can damage the natural beauty of your eyelashes by pulling them out during removal and making them increasingly thin over time. If you have thin or pale...

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Start Off This Fall With Laser Hair Removal

The sweet aroma of apple cider and pumpkin pie near closer and closer to the comfort of our homes with the rapidly approaching fall season, but the summer will be here quicker than we think! Even though we won’t see clear and sunny skies for another year, you can still get ready this fall, by beginning the long, but advantageous process of laser hair removal.To begin, there are several benefits...

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Fat Reduction for Your Face

It’s no secret that diet and exercise, although effective, does not always remove fat from all areas of the body. In fact, fatty tissue in the face is often the most stubborn. Fortunately, advancements in medicine have made it possible to remove these fat stores safely and effectively. A procedure that has been gaining a lot of attention recently is lipolysis, a non-surgical process that...

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