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Gift Ideas from Nulook MedSpa for the Skin Care Lover

Do you have any spa enthusiasts on your Christmas list? Or maybe you want to buy yourself an early Christmas present. Nulook MedSpa in Etobicoke is having holiday promotions for many of their products and services, allowing you to choose from a variety of customizable gift ideas.This year, Nulook MedSpa in Etobicoke is offering a "seven days of Christmas" deal, along with money saving gift...

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Glycation and Its Effects on Aging

Glycation occurs when we have too many sugary foods or have too many foods that are considered high in glycemic content. These products react with the proteins and fats in our body. They then produce harmful molecules which are called advanced glycation end products which are also known as AGES. The process of this reaction is what is known as glycation. After this, the collagen and elastin in...

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Five Reasons to Get an IPL or Laser Genesis Facial

Do you want to get a treatment to help rejuvenate your skin, but you are afraid of possible side effects, excessive amounts of downtime, and pain? You should then consider getting an IPL Facial or Laser Genesis treatment at NuLook Medical Spa in Toronto.You may be wondering what these procedures are. Both treatments are facials where lasers are used to penetrate beneath the skin in order to...

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