Dermamelan is a program that is intended to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation. Working to decrease and fully inhibit the activity of the enzyme tyrosinase, which plays a crucial role in the melanin formation that causes pigmented blemishes, Dermamelan treatment in Toronto at Nulook Medspa begins with being well hydrated and avoiding sun exposure for two weeks prior to the program. In the initial office visit, a technician applies Dermamelan 1 cream to the face as a mask. This mask must then remain on for 10-12 hours, though the activation time for the treatment is between 5-12, depending on your skin type. Once the mask is applied, the technician will go over the home regime that must be strictly followed. At home, the mask may be gently washed off using a gentle cleanser, as directed. Once removed, an additional Dermamelan Treatment cream is applied to ensure the efficacy of the depigmentation treatment and encourage the disappearance of pigmented blemishes. Throughout the program, this cream will regulate the oil secretion of your skin and must be applied on a regular basis over the next several months. Additionally, it is recommended that those receiving the Dermamelan treatment in Toronto, at Nulook Medspa, apply Mesoestetic Hydra Vital Factor K cream 15 minutes after the application of the Dermamelan Treatment cream. Sunscreen application is also highly recommended for additional protection of the skin. The patient is asked to return on days 21 and 42 to check in with their technician on the treatment. It is not unusual to experience redness, itchiness, and sensitivity within two days after the Dermamelan 1 cream has been applied. Flaking may also occur on the third day, and patients are asked to not pick or peel at their skin as it may cause scarring. After the first three days, the skin will appear healthy and glowing as the pigmented blemishes begin to fade. While the first few days may be uncomfortable, they are symptoms of the effectiveness of the treatment and that the patient is on their way to decreasing the appearance of hyperpigmentation.

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