If you are a beauty or skincare enthusiast then you may be wondering when is the proper time to begin implementing an anti-aging skincare regimen. Well the answer is simple: the sooner, the better!
It is never too early to begin using anti-aging skincare products. Many begin in their early to mid twenties. Experts agree that skin begins to age at only twenty years old.

Benefits of beginning an anti-aging skincare regimen early includes skin tightening and hydration, prevention of age spots and discolouration, radiance, and, of course, more confidence and a better self image. More confidence also leads to a better mental state, improving emotional health as well.

At Nulook Medspa, located in Toronto, we offer a variety of skin care services and products. One of our most well-known products for anti-aging is the RejudiCare Synergy Retinol SRX. The main ingredient of the RejudiCare Synergy Retinol SRX is retinol, a vitamin A derivative with many skincare benefits. One is that unlike most skincare product ingredients, it penetrates much deeper past the epidermis to the dermis itself where it boosts the production of collagen, plumping the skin and reducing visibility of fine lines and enlarged pores.

Aside from having retinol as its main ingredient, RejudiCare Synergy Retinol SRX also promotes a clearer, more radiant complexion through a controlled and extended release of the ingredient. Through this process, it delivers efficacy without irritation. This corrective product comes in three different formulations:

- Retinol SRX MILD for sensitive skin,
- Retinol SRX optimal and proven formulation and
- Retinol SRX MAX the maximum strength formulation allowed on the market.

A few other great anti-aging products include the Obagi Nu-Derm system which focuses more on reversing the effects of aging, the TiZO3 facial sunscreen which prevents sun-induced wrinkles and pre-mature aging, and the Pro-Derm line which features 4 nonirritating, reparative products for skin that has been damaged or treated.

Extend the youth of your skin. Visit us at Nulook Medpsa, located in Toronto, for anti-aging skincare and treatments. Contact us today!