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Pro-Derm™ Gentle Cleanser

Soaps and most cleansers are alkaline and irritate the skin. Because of their alkalinity, soaps partially neutralize the action of Glycolic Acid (AHA). Pro-Derm™ Gentle Cleanser with an optimal acid pH (pH 4.5) is specially formulated to maximize the results of all Pro-Derm™ products. In addition to protecting skin integrity, it is soothing. It gently cleans the skin and completely rinses off with water, leaving no residue behind.

Pro-Derm™ gentle cleanser
Pro-Derm™ hydrogel

Pro-Derm™ Hydrogel

Hydrogel rapidly soothes skin that has been irritated or reddened by the sun, hair removal or laser treatments. It relieves stretched or itchy skin. A synergy of vegetal and marine active ingredients with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial properties to ensure exceptional efficiency.

Pro-Derm™ PostTx•1

PostTx•1 was specially formulated to hydrate, repair and soothe skin, after medical aesthetic treatments (laser, fractional laser, etc.). restores balance non-occlusively by allowing the skin to breathe while recovering after treatments. This unique combination of ingredients is exclusive to PostTx•1 cream from the Pro-Derm™ Anti-aging line of products. Hydrates and protects the skin while keeping it radiant after aesthetic treatments.

Pro-Derm™ PostTx•1
Pro-Derm™ PostTx•2

Pro-Derm™ PostTx•2

PostTx•2 was specially formulated to hydrate, repair and soothe skin, especially after a treatment. Restores balance non-occlusively; in other words, it allows the skin to continue to breathe while recovering after a treatment. This unique combination of ingredients, which are found only in this product from the Pro-Derm™ Anti-Aging line, provides solid protection to the skin while keeping it radiant.

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