The biggest beauty trend in the world right now is contouring. Adding highlights and dark shades to certain areas of the face to redefine and sharpen the contours of the face, like the cheekbones, jaw, and eyebrows. It highlights the natural beauty of a person and makes for a stunning and dramatic make-up look. Of course, contouring is more popular among younger people, and not only because it is a relatively new beauty trend. The contours of the face are much more visible and prominent in younger people—even without makeup. 

The reason contouring is not as effective with older people is because as people age, they begin to lose the natural contours of their face. During the aging process, the skin starts to produce less collagen, less elastin, and less hyaluronic acid. The loss of these components make the skin loses its firmness and elasticity, and the skin begins to sag. Furthermore, the aging process deteriorates the skin with fine lines, wrinkles, texture change, and causes loss of facial fullness and volume. The areas of the face most affected are the cheeks, temples, lips, chin, and jaw. These changes create a deflated look that removes or hides the nature contours of the face, which removes the appearance of a young and youthful face. 

Typically, people have resorted to cosmetic surgery to help reverse the signs of aging. However, cosmetic surgeries such as the popular facelift, are costly, time-consuming, and potentially dangerous. A facelift is very expensive and requires weeks of recovery time—not to mention the potential dangerous with having to undergo surgery. Botox is another cosmetic alternative that is less invasive and costly than a facelift; however, both Botox and facelifts produce artificial-looking results. 

Luckily, clinicians have now come up with a new and better procedure. Soft lift is a treatment that combines different injectables to restore a natural and youthful appearance. Soft lift is different from Botox in that instead of trying to soften the appearance of wrinkles; it actually restores volume and plumpness characteristic of young skin. Furthermore, it restores the facial contours for natural, and youthful-looking skin. This procedure is a great alternative because it is less costly than cosmetic surgery and no recovery time is necessary. 

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