Skin tags are known by different names such as acrochordon, fibro-epithelial polys, or fibromas. They can be either a small bump (sessile) or attached by a stalk (peduncle). Medically, they are considered to be tiny benign tumors. Since these tags are harmless, usually there is no medical reason to have them removed. However, depending on the location of the tags, they can make people feel self-conscious and removal can be for cosmetic reasons. They can also be located where clothing or jewelry rubs and cause irritation or even bleeding, again making removal more important. 

No one knows exactly what causes fibromas. They could be hereditary, or they could be caused by friction. Their usual location (eye lids, under arms, neck, chest, groin) seems to be where there are skin folds, clothing, or jewelry. Even if friction doesn't cause fibromas, it can certainly irritate them. For this reason alone, many people look for a simple and painless way to have them removed.

Home Remedies
There are many different home remedies that might help over time. The main goal for home remedies is to dry them out and eventually they might fall off. 

1) Tea tree essential oils, pure aloe vera gel, or apple cider vinegar all have astringent properties that might help. First protect the surrounding area to prevent irritation. Soak a cotton ball in your chosen solution, then secure it to the fibromas with a band aid. Reapply nightly.

2) Paint the fibromas with clear nail polish, or make a thick paste of castor oil and baking soda, and apply to the fibromas. Again, use a band aid to cover the fibromas and reapply the polish or paste daily.

3) If the tag is attached with a stalk, tie a piece of string or dental floss to the base to cut off the blood flow. Eventually, the fibromas should change color and fall off. 

4) Cut off the fibromas with a scalpel, scissors, or nail clippers if it's small enough. Larger fibromas should be treated by a professional. The general procedure in a medical office is to freeze the fibromas with liquid nitrogen. 

While these home remedies might be effective, they will take anywhere from weeks to even months to work. Many of the home remedies have the potential to irritate the surrounding area as well. Even if one of these remedies does work, the fibromas may recur. 

Unlike other conditions such as warts, fibromas are not contagious. However, they can cause physical pain if the location is where there is rubbing. They can also cause emotional pain if the location is where they attract attention. Most people would choose to have them removed quickly and painlessly if possible. Most home remedies are not very effective, and could even cause additional problems. Your best option for easy and permanent removal is to visit a professional skin care location, such as Nulook Medspa, where their experienced staff are successful in treating these problems.