You have been waxing unwanted hair off your body for a long time now. It has become the staple approach to ensuring that your skin is free of hair. You have even preferred the pain of using wax to the nicks and cuts of shaving. However, there is a modern approach to ridding your body of unwanted hair called laser hair removal.

The primary reason why laser hair removal is better than waxing is that this treatment option does not involve so much pain when removing hair. This is not to say that the procedure is completely painless, but the laser is not ripping the hair out of your skin. Rather, the laser is impairing the hair shaft and follicles ability to regrow the hair.

The Short and Long Term Benefits of Laser Hair Removal
The short term benefit of laser hair removal is that you will not need to wax to rid your skin of hair, because light energy will do the job for you. With each treatment, the light energy will also cause the hair to grow back less frequently and less thick. The long term benefits of laser hair removal is that it can prevent hair from growing back for long periods of time. This means you will not need to waste time managing hair removal with any kind of treatment option when the hair is not growing back.

Additional Considerations
Laser hair removal can be used on virtually any part of the body. There are many places where hair grows on soft skin that you would not want to wax for the sheer pain of the experience. Yet, the laser will not create this harsh pain. At worse, the laser treatment may redden the skin and it may exhibit the pain of a mild sunburn for a reasonably short duration. The speed at which laser hair removal works is fairly quick. You could get rid of all the hair on your upper lip or chin in the matter of seconds. Your arms and legs will undoubtedly take a bit longer to rid the hair from, but still the procedure is relatively quick. Once you try it, you will not believe how smooth and flawless your skin will turn out either.

Stop painful waxing and switch over to laser hair removal. Contact us today to book a consultation. Nulook Medspa would be happy to answer all of your questions and give you the results you want with laser hair removal!