Loss of facial volume is a key component of aging skin. Dermal fillers have been safely used for years to treat this issue. Until now, they were primarily gels injected into the skin, but a new injectable has revolutionized the skincare world. Juvederm Volite is the first moisturizing injectable that treats the skin while smoothing fine lines.

What is Juvederm Volite?
This dermal filler is in a class of its own. Unlike standard fillers, it uses a special liquid form of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a skincare darling, found in various topical serums and moisturizers. Used topically, it provides a burst of temporary hydration. When injected into the skin using Juvederm Volite, it treats the skin with a hit of long-lasting moisture. For how long? Results vary, but the typical user will notice plumper and more hydrated skin for up to nine months. It is truly a game changer in the world of cosmetic fillers.

The Benefits of Juvederm Volite
Juvederm Volite has a unique set of benefits:

- It drastically improves the hydration of the skin thanks to its special, liquid-based hyaluronic acid.
- Naturally, improves collagen production. Hyaluronic acid triggers collagen production in the skin for a plumper appearance. It also maintains the integrity of elastin for up to nine months.
- Improves the clarity and brightness of the skin.

Juvederm Volite in Toronto For Anti-Aging
The beauty of Juvederm Volite in Toronto at Nulook Medspa is how it truly improves the health of your skin. Juvederm Volite boosts the production of your own natural collagen and increases skin brightness. After only one treatment, you will see instant and lasting results that improve over the following weeks. And we can treat more than just your face. Give yourself the gift of a smoother neck, decolletage, and hands too! To discover if you are a candidate for Juvederm Volite in Toronto, contact us today to schedule a consultation. During the month of October (2020), enjoy our special: Juvederm Volite $600 for ultimate skin hydration.