There is a clear difference between facial sunscreen and body sunscreen. While sun protection is important for the entire individual, you should be making sure to apply the right type of sunscreen to the right part of your body.

Facial vs. Body Sunscreen
There are many benefits to using sunscreen. Too much sun can cause skin conditions and even cancer. By wearing sunscreen, you can potentially prevent sun conditions from occurring.

Body sunscreen is made for arms, legs, stomach and most other skin surfaces. This type of lotion can be thick or oily depending on how much is used. These sunscreens work well for preventing sunburns and especially peeling, but they can have unwanted ingredients. Depending on the sensitivity of an individual’s skin, body sunscreen that is scented may be a problem for the face.

Facial sunscreen is specifically designed for the face. Because the face can breakout or develop acne, facial sunscreen is not nearly as oily as body sunscreen. Facial sunscreen is usually fragrant-free so that sensitive skin does not become irritated by the lotion’s chemicals.

The Importance of Facial Sunscreen
Many people wear facial sunscreen to prevent burning and other skin conditions as well as for cosmetic reasons. Decreased sun exposure from sunscreen can lessen the intensity of fine lines or wrinkles as well as loose skin.

Sun protection can minimize the appearance of aging. Not only are fine lines less noticeable, but brown spots can be reduced by proper sunscreen. By heightening the skin's elasticity, it can create a natural, youthful look. Dermatologists have been recommending sunscreen for healthy skin and appearance for decades.

What Is The Best Facial Sunscreen?
Facial mineral sunscreen is frequently recommended for its maximum sun protection. TiZO3 Facial Mineral Sunscreen SPF40 is a non-greasy lotion that can help pre-mature skin from aging. By keeping skin firm, sags are less likely to occur around the jawline or cheekbones.

TiZO3 Facial Mineral Sunscreen is also frequently used because it has no chemical sunscreen filters. This is the preferred choice for sensitive facial skin. Since this works well after additional skin treatments, it can be used for a variety of skin types. Because it is slightly tinted, facial mineral sunscreen can now smooth slight discolouration for a natural, healthy look. If you are in need of a new sunscreen, visit Nulook Medspa today to purchase a TiZO3 Facial Mineral Sunscreen. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us today.