One aspect of life that the human race all has in common is that as time passes us by, signs of age begin to show. There are various products on the shelves that make claims of slowing the natural progression of aging but may still consider the option of a surgical facelift. Before making this type of decision, consider all of the ways to avoid these type of procedures.

Injection Treatments
Botox, Dysport, Sculptra, Dermal filler, Sculptra, and Selphyl are all injection treatments that may be considered as alternatives to a surgical facelift. All of these treatments are currently being used to significantly reduce the signs of aging. Botox diminishes muscle activity that causes the production of wrinkles, while injections of a dermal filler replenish wrinkled skin with collagen. Dysport relaxes the treated facial muscles in order to lessen the appearance of fines line and wrinkles. Selphyl uses injections the patient's own biology in injections, rather than using synthetics.

Laser Treatments
Laser Genesis and Fraxel are two of the most popular laser treatments offered to help people avoid the need of getting a facelift. Laser Genesis is a process of slowly warming the upper dermis in order to stimulate collagen to reproduce healthier skin. This treatment is known to work most effectively for fine lines. Fraxel treats old epidermal pigment cells with a laser without harming any other tissue. Fraxel promotes new and healthy skin cell growth.

In addition to injections and laser treatments, a product called Latisse is often used in order to help prevent having to get a surgical facelift. As the body ages, eyelashes may begin to thin and grow very slowly. Latisse is a prescription strength serum that helps promote the growth and health of natural eyelashes, giving people the appearance of youth.

If a real Fountain of Youth existed, millions would drink from it. However, with no such thing available, many of them consider facelifts. Before taking that plunge, know that there are non-surgical options available. Contact us today to book an appointment and bring your skin back to youth without requiring surgery.